We use Davines and Hairjamm in our salon and have for many years.  We believe it is important to look after the environment as much as possible while still offering excellence in quality products and we have achieved this with our partnership with these two companies.  

Davines is world renowed for its environmental practices, its work with using food sources in its products to produce superior blends and colours as well as support the farming comunity within its country.  Daviness is more than 100% carbon nuetral and all its containers are food grade quality, with packaging 100% recycable and with out harsh glues that impact our environment.

Hairjamm, while newer to the environmental battle have producded a fabulous line of products called PURE that consist of colour and hair products.  The hair products are organic and tick all our boxes for safe to us and the environment.  They have just released their “Bee” campaign where you receive seeds to chuck to the countryside to help grow the bees natives plants.

All cuts include a consultation, a greeting ritual massage, shampoo, conditioner and head massage followed by a complete blowdry or straight iron finish.  We price our hair services on short/medium and medium/longer.  This means our short/med is measured at above shoulder length but thickness may be charged extra.  The med/longer length is to max of bottom of shoulder blades.  Any longer or thicker may cost extra.  This is better than normal in the industry were medium is only measured to jaw line.  Savings for you.

Style Cut$85$95
Complete Restyle$110$129


Our colour work is of a very high standard with our stylist containing many years experience.  We sit with you when you come in and chat so we can fully understand what you are after.  You are welcome to bring pictures for reference and these can also be uploaded onto our on-line booking system by yourself when you create your account on-line.  You can be assured we will always look after you and we really welcome feedback to the salon experience.


COLOURS – Shorter

Regrowth Colour – with cut $160

Rerowth Colour – no cut $130

Gobal Colour – with cut $170

Global Colour – no cut $140

COLOURS – Longer

Regrowth Colour – with cut $170

Rerowth Colour – no cut $140

Global Colour – with cut $205

Global Colour – no cut $165 


includes toner if required

Part Line & Face Framers – with cut $195

Part Line & Face Framers – no cut $165

Half Head – with cut $225

Half Head – no cut $195

Full Head – with cut $280

Full Head – no cut $250


includes toner if required

Part Line & Face Framers – with cut $235

Part Line & Face Framers – no cut $195

Half Head – with cut  $260

Half Head – no cut $220

Full Head – with cut  $315

Full Head – no cut $275


Got a special event you need to look great for?  Book ahead for all your special occassions and let us create something special for you.

Complete Finish (Blow-dry or Iron Finish)$60$75
Up Style (40min) & Make Up (30min)$159$179 


The key to maintaining long, healthy hair lies in applying the right treatment designed specifically for your hair’s condition.  Deeply nourishing conditioners and masks provide a protective shield to hair, preventing breakage while revitalizing strength in longer locks.  Our prescription treatments will look after your scalp, giving your hair 100% care.


ENERGISING – for regrowth, hair loss and general hair thinning.  CALMING – for those who has a sensitive scalp, including itchiness and rashes.  PURIFYING – deeply cleanses scalp and removes impurities and bacteria leaving a healthier scalp and REBUILDING – nourishes and strengthens hair that is damaged and lacking keratin.

Replumping treatment $55Moisture Repair Treatment $35
Every hair strand is hydrated creating a fuller appearance, reducing frizz and giving the overall appearance of a thicker head of hair.  Only $45 with any other menu colour service.Our moisture replacements put back what daily washing, colouring, sun and other environmental stresses takes out.  They will assist with colour longevity, softness and shine.
Miracle Repair Treatment $55Quick Fix Treatment $15
Using beautiful mixes we can create treatments for moisture, shine and manageability, repairing long and damaged hair or to protect your hair from chemical and environmental processes.  Only $45 with any other menu colour service.Enjoy a lovely head massage and moisture hit with our basin treatment and keep your locks in great shape by following your treatment with a fabulous home care treatment plan.