A ‘non surgical rejuvenation’ transmits cosmeceuticals into dermis without needles.  It creates space between the ceels and opens the cell membrane.  Then solution can be penetrated into the skin directly and when the electronic pulse is stopped the space will be closed.  This treatment is used across the world and was embraced by Hollywood by therapists and stars alike.

What the Derma Fill Developers say:

“Derma Fill Electroporation is the new technology machine, using Electroporation to transmit cosmeceuticals into the skin with pain, discomfort or downtime!  See instand and ongoing results with Derma Fill Electroporation!”

We have used this technology for quite a few years now and have seen great results.  For your skin to gain long-term outcomes you will need to have a course of at least 6.  More aged and lined skin may require 2 courses of 1 treatment per week.  This is the best way of getting great results that will only need to be repeated once per year or alternatively you can maintain your skin with a monthly maintenance treatment.

You can choose from the individual treatments below, purchase a course at a discounted rate or if you are unsure about which treatment is right for you have a look at our skin packages designed for specific targeted results.    

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Single Treatment – 40 minutes $125
Course of 6 Treatments $600

Single Treatment – 60 minutes $165
Course of 6 Treatments $850